Solar Powered Race Bicycle

Motivation / Grundidee

Was ist der Auslöser (Problem, Wunsch), was ist der Zweck des Projektes. Was genau wird gemacht / hergestellt?

I will be taking part in a solar powered bike race (The Sun Trip) in April and need to convert a bike to an e-bike able to charge only with the sun


Wo und wieviel Platz wird dauerhaft benötigt?

Around 3m2 of storage

Ab wann / wie lange

Ab wann soll es los gehen? Wie lange wirst du vorraussichtlich brauchen?

I will start immediately and need the month of March to complete the bike.


Name, Email oder Telefonnummer?

Jack Butler,

About me/the race

The Sun Trip - Is a solar powered bike adventure race

In 2018 I took part for the first time! The route that year was from Lyon, France to Canton (Guangzhou), China. The route was around 14000km and I finished in 6th place winning the "Jury Price" for best content and communication throughout the race.

In 2020 I planned to take part again racing to China, however the COVID pandemic ended up cancelling the race this year.

from 2021 The Sun Trip organisation has held many shorter races just around the Alps and Europe.

Now in 2024 is the first "Big Sun Trip" again I have joined the race! The route this year is a loop of around 7000km from Lyon, France to the Sahara Desert, Morocco.